Friday, March 30, 2018

Still Almost Done

So the knitting is done and the ends are sewn in. But it’s not blocked. It’s a massive piece and i just need to clear a space on the floor and just do it. 

I’ve also started on a new project that I can’t share online at the mo, but I am quite busy on my week of holidays knitting away! Chica is a most excellent little swatch-blocking assisstant - lol!! 
Petey has a new favourite guard-dog position on the cedar chest. I keep waiting for him to actually fall asleep and have his chin fall off the window ledge! 

I have managed to get two little cuts while I’ve been off. Normally I’m nicking myself on the daily at Dairy Queen - stainless steel is a devious and cruel material. IDK how I’ve done it here at home, but it’s annoying.

The kids were up the other week and I remembered to have a picture taken! Craig was hamming up the photographer role, giving Amanda & I a shared moment.
They are both doing well in their lives, making better decisions, and being responsible adults. I am so proud of them both!! Remember when they were tiny?? Where does the time go?

I’m going to have to knit quickly to get back to publishable knitting content, but until then, I’ll have to share more of me and my life. 

A demain mes amis!!                 

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