Sunday, April 30, 2017


Totally got the Sleeveless Slipover done and blocked for the Frolic. Once again, I didn't get a picture of a FO, but I know that Julie will take a pic that I can snag 😏

We were up and on the road early. Craig offered to come and drive, even though I explained how much knitterly things that there were going to be and it was a whole day. He was adorably eager, and I want going to turn down a driver and traveling companion. 
 I needn't have worried - he was well occupied hitting up the Pokéstops at the JCCC  and there were judo, aikido, and archery classes to educate and entertain him.  
He also did a Tim's run for us and he might have to come to every show from now on!! 

It was a terrific day, I saw all sorts of friends, customers and students from previous years. It's so gratifying to hear how taking a class had changed how they knit and how much more they enjoy the entire process, including finishing because the result is more polished and with practice, easily achieved. It's why I enjoy teaching and maybe I'll submit to do it agin next year. 

I was at the indigo dragonfly booth first thing to get my Frolic colourway in the 3 bases. One of these years I will decide on what they will be ... 

After much deliberation, picking and choosing, 2nd guessing, walking away and coming back, I made my colourway choice for the Starting Point MKAL  It's the Skinny Singles from Hedgehog Fibers. I loved knitting with the Singles so much on my Building Blocks shawl that this was the easiest choice I had to make. 
I am pleased with the combination and look forward to the winding and knitting of it. 

I also got another bottle of SOAK for all of my soakworthy projects! 

I hadn't bought a ZigZagStitches bag in awhile, but the batiks the Catherine had hanging called my name. I also bought a smaller Northcott Canadian one for a friend. 

Craig was photoshopping this morning ... he's really quite good and in comparison to what he usually does, a Mother's Day project for DQ was a simple diversion. He made my initial efforts look basic. He's going to be pressed into service all the time now!!  I'm going to knit on my sock 
and study for my DQ mgmt exam while I wait for my next work project from Julie. Some relative down-time. 😏☺️ 


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