Saturday, April 22, 2017


So I decided to block the back after the armholes to make sure I was on track, no loosening up at all. 
Sometimes my gauge changes from swatch to garment, especially if I'm making a conscious effort to knit tighter than on the swatch. Though it's easier for me to be consistently more tight than loose, things can change. Everything is good - the yarn def seizes up with the wetting, so swatching and relying on your swatches gauge to calculate your rows required to meet the measurements is key!! 

The puppies had a good dig outside yesterday. 
It's mostly Petey, but Chica gets in there a bit to make sure that she isn't missing out on anything delicious! 
I had to give Petey a quick tubby because he had dirt packed into his nails and pads!
He is so much nicer to sleep with now 😊 he's also gotten over his habit of chewing on my bedding. He's still adorable in the morning; he senses when I'm awake, as opposed to going back to sleep, and he comes crawling up and licking on my face. Then when we get out of bed to go get Chica (who still gets crated because she is so guardy of her space that she growls when I move at night), he acts as if he hasn't been with me all night and jumps around like we've been apart. He's my boy and has my heart. 

I went out last night with work friends. I made a concious effort all day to make it a positive in my head and not talkyself out of it. That's kind of my go-to strategy - accept invites when they are days/weeks away, but find a way out at the last minute. And I truly believe that I will go, have fun, and I look forward to it the further away it is. 
But then it gets closer and I start stressing - mentally and physically. Even though I know and like these people and I interact with them on the daily, socializing with them is different. I felt physical symptoms from the anxiety and cancelling was just a text away, it was painfully tempting, but I battled my mind and put one foot in front of the other and just went. 
It took a few drinks to relax a bit and I allowed myself to be drawn into the group; I didn't rely on my phone or knitting as a coping mechanism (which was sorely tempting). I didn't beg off early (though a knitting deadline would've been legit). One of the ladies provided an amusing diversion, and we had a lovely night. 
I was deeply relieved to be home and stayed up later than I should've to decompress with the puppies and knitting, but I am proud of myself for just doing it. 

My rhubarb is coming along. 
I am looking forward to the first batch of rhubarb muffins! My mouth waters at the thought of it!! 

Okay - back at it before my mid-shift today! 

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