Thursday, April 20, 2017

Best of Intentions

So I closed the last three nights at work, and I had taken pictures and fully intended to do a quick post each night in my break. 
But as things are wont to do when you've laid out a plan, it went awry. 
So now I'm writing up a post on my day off! It's not been a knitterly day - trip to see my dad and a sneak nap attack - but I've got a few quality hours ahead of me. 
 The 3rd swatch was the key. Still a stitch off, but I am making sure to knit snugly, and the row gauge is spot on, so I forged ahead.  
I made excellent progress! 

I signed up for the Joji Knits Starting Point MKA  - I am tingling with excitement to pick out yarn!! I am screen-shotting colourways that catch my eye, and I'll see what Julie brings to the Frolic  This may require a road trip out to The Needle Emporium though ... 
I don't really want to buy a pre-fab kit; I want something unique. 

I have been plagued by a relentless tension headache for the last couple of weeks that is radiating from my right neck/shoulder. I've tried all sorts to remedy it, all to no avail. I caved and went to see a professional yesterday, and I have found my new massage therapist!! Lindsay went hard and deep, and even though I knew I'd be feeling it today, it cured what ailed me for a day. Today the headache has come back a bit, and I hurt like I took a beating, but it's a start. I'll have to see her on a regular basis, and I'm adding a chiropractor to the mix. Gotta stay in fighting shape 😏

Ok - now that you're caught up, I must make more fabric! The Frolic is fast approaching, and I don't miss deadlines.  ðŸ˜ƒðŸ˜ƒ

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