Saturday, December 10, 2016


I finished the front of Lemongrass and I'm onto the back.  
Should be fairly quick as it's simple stockinette. 
Not a great picture, but I can't be bothered to move to lay it out. 

I've been struck by The Dreaded Lurgy. Not the worst one ever, but I'm feeling downright oogy. The puppies are good nursemaids. Not much on fetching tea, but they are great for long naps in bed. Petey has finally mastered jumping up on my bed!! He's a better snuggle buddy than Chica; she's still working her bitch streak, though she's mellowing out a bit.  

I finished my Flamingo Beach socks! They took almost three weeks, but they were done strictly at work; I was off one day and in the plant for 5, so basically two weeks of found knitting time! 
 Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I don't deliberately make my socks identical. I finish one and just start on the next one. I didn't change my strategy on this pair, so it is mere happenstance that they are as identical as one could hope, even if they had tried!! I love the colours and am deciding on the next pair. Though it may be another Hitchhiker instead.   
This one will be for Craig's mom; she knits too so will be especially appreciative of the effort put into it. 
We had quite the snowfall here yesterday! Barrie and Alliston weren't hit as hard, but we finished up with 60cm/24" of the fluffy white stuff!!
Lovely to look at though. 

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