Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What? More Yarn?!

It was off to Ancaster and The Needle Emporium today. Not quite a lovely day for the drive, but Craig was still happy to drive so that I could knit. 

Julie picked out these colours of Sock yarn for me to knit a Born Trippy scarf. "Put them (the minis) in a nice order", she says. Is there a not nice order in which to arrange these minis?!? So other than assigning numbers and rolling the dice, some sort of order needs to be ascertained. 
I think that we are going to go with a tonal arrangement. Yes. This pleases me. 
I bought a swift and ball winder to have at Craig's so that I don't have to pre-wind a lot of yarn for any given project so that I don't have to worry about not running out. And really, I have enough challenges traveling lightly without packing a swift and ball winder just in case. 
I don't have the energy tonight to unpack them, set it up, and wind the yarn, so I'll set to it tomorrow after work. 
I'm continuing on the Indie sock I started yesterday. I don't remember what yarn company this is from, so it's just Indie. It's coming along quite nicely! 
Amanda has made a request for one of those messy bun hats that are all the rage. I Googled them and found a Wooly Wormhead pattern that is free - the Tea-Cozy hat. Julie had Charlie on sale, as it met Amanda's request for black, so it was meant to be! 
I also couldn't resist some new, bright sock yarns! 25% off ... you know you'd've done at least the same. 
Ancaster also did not disappoint on the Pokémon front. Good hunting in general and a quality Ditto specifically. 

Sitting at home with Craig, watching Goliath, reflecting on what a lovely few days it's been. I'm feeling really quite lucky. 

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