Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Here's a much better picture of the finished Sorrento  courtesy Julie  I have a tendency to forget to take progress pics and a finished one is hit-and-miss. It takes a village, and this idiot is happy for my village ❤️❤️
Wow - I'm even a little impressed with my handiwork seeing it like this!

I should say something about the Studio Linen  Being comprised of 85% recycled rayon linen, it has a softer drape right off of the ball. It doesn't have the stiffness that linen is known for for and that is so hard on your hands when knitting with it. I love linen, the breaking in of it is part of the magic; a shortcut is awesome though! It was a pleasure to knit with, block and seam. 

I have been swatching and knitting on Lemongrass
I jumped straight to 6.5mm needles, since I knit tightly in general, though a bit more "standard" on circulars. The swatch was a bit loose, though the row gauge was spot on, which is important on a raglan shaped sweater. I could do and have done maths to correct my inexplicably right row gauges, but swatching is quicker for me. 
I cast on, but by round 16, realized that I'd been knitting tighter, perhaps subconsciously because I knew my stitch gauge was loose. Also, my shorter Addis are standard and the ones that I swatches on were the lace tips. Yes, needles matter. 
top swatch 6.5mm, bottom 6mm 

So I pulled out my Marblz and cast on a new swatch with 6mm needles. 
Much better - stitch gauge is spot on and row gauge is the same as on the 6.5mm. I know, weird. It's a skill; not particularly marketable, but a skill nonetheless. 
So I cast on anew and am at round 16. Again. The best part about using and interchangeable set is that I can just upsize/downsize the cord as needed. 

I didn't get much done on my Flamingo Beach socks last night; I was in plant 2 for 3/4 of the night as they were short-handed. But my step count was higher, so trade off; my steps are about 1/2 when I'm working dock. 

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