Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sock Day

So I knit another frilly scarf for Helen's charitable endeavours. yes, she *is* that good of a friend ;)

I re-potted my ivy plant.

This plant came with my place when I moved in. It had been sorely neglected and I really didn't think it would recover. It's been in the same sad green plastic pot and had suffered my own forgetfulness. But it always comes back, seeking for the sun, growing. It's like my spirit plant.

And I did more stitching yesterday.

I can't wait to get to the flowers to add a pop of colour to the light green areas!!

I declared today Sock Day. I would've had a lot more done if I hadn't had a 4 hour nap.

I use the knitting belt to spare the waistband in my jeans/pants; even with shirt, tiny needles, I still need to anchor my RH needle. 😏though I think that anything more than about an hour is not so much a "nap" as actual "sleep"
Anyway, I turned the heel and finished the instep shaping.

I really love turning heels! Such a simple maneuver, but truly magic. It still gives me a thrill every time!!

Petey has been a naughty boy. He is a Chewer. He tears into and rips apart bedding and toys, chews them and eats the pieces. Always has. Mommy is not pleased and he shan't be getting any more knitted presents.

I know.
Thursday night he was feeling poorly. He was really throwing up, (not just bringing up a hair ball), was not eating, and was really not himself. Turns out he had eaten a length of a seam off a pair of Lee's jeans that we used as bedding and it gave him a bad turn until he pooped it out.
Chica, on the other hand, while she will tear apart toys to get the stuffing out, is quite content to just lay and gnaw on it, like a cat wool-sucking, if she's done playing with if for a bit.

Yes, the 4 hour nap has messed with my sleep schedule. I totally blame Daylight Savings Time and "Springing Ahead". Hopefully I'll get sorted out tomorrow, a day off since I worked Saturday.
Julie's package should arrive with my new project! Keenly looking forward to getting my fingers into a new yarn!!

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