Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Tale of Four Swatches

The Naushon wrap is done.

The colourway was very popular at work and I thoroughly enjoyed working with the yarn. My row tension is tight no matter what so I had to do a few extra repeats to get the length, but I had enough yarn.

What better way to spend my vacation than a deadline!!
It has been a challenge getting gauge.

As you all know, I am a tight knitter, makes for better stitch definition, that's what I tell myself but a needle change and sorted. I actually had to go down 2 needles sizes to get this one!! I had a hankering for a burger the other night but wasn't minded to make one, so it was off to my local. my beverage of choice had nought to do with my loose knitting ways ;)
But they say that the exception proves the rule, and it's full speed ahead now.

Speaking of cooking, I *did* feel like chicken Alfredo last night. I generally but Classico but decided to do it from scratch.
Apparently when Ree says "freshly grated parm", pre-shaved parm is not an adequate substitute in this application. It was WAY salty and didn't melt and blend completely. Decidedly *not* photo worthy. O_o
But lesson learned; I will be trying again.

Yesterday was National Dog Day. Every day around here is Dog Day - LOL - but the puppies were as adorable as ever.

They love peanut butter in their little Kongs, and watching them work so hard to get the last bit of flavour out is amusing.

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