Friday, March 13, 2015

Naushon: Take 2

I was so excited to get my pkg of Santorini from Julie!
I cast on straight away and set to.
Then the text from Julie.
She was kind enough to couch it by saying that she had made the same error, but I blame the codeine.

So frigging ... I mean frogging, then full speed ahead. Much better.

I certainly should have realized that Classic Elite would have been a bit more creative than a simple Seafoam stitch.

Petey has a new chew toy.

Despite his size, he is most decidedly not a "moderate" chewer. He grinds away until chips away at lesser chew toys.

Now he has a skill appropriate chew toy; the others are now Chica's. He still has a go at them, but sheepishly releases them when I remind him that they are Chica's.

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1 comment:

  1. Love that yarn and design...saw it at Julie's today!

    My dogs get a new chew each...chew chew chew.....stop...get chew chew...on the chew of the other one. Very strange :)

    Hope you feel better.