Sunday, March 29, 2015


Yesterday I went to pick up Amanda for a visit and it was also errand day.
We had cheesy bread from Domino's; our addiction.

We saw a Doberman (?) puppy with his ears being trained.

We couldn't decide if it was cruel, but the dog didn't seem bothered and the pointy, stand-up ears are a halal of the breed.
Then Costco. please feel free to remind me randomly of the folly, nay, insanity, of going to Costco on a Saturday. Although it was totally worth it for the rotisserie chickens! I also picked up an OPI mini pack.

Have I mentioned how much I love OPI?? ;)
I don't know what seasoning they use or how they do it, but their rotisserie chickens are the most flavorful and moist I have ever had.
And after the debacle of the Alfredo sauce the other night, I had to have a 2nd go at it. with real, freshly grated Parmesan I was still not 100% pleased - didn't thicken up right and still too salty for my taste - but Amanda declared, "... I'd eat it with a spoon!", so, success.
I used the sauce to bake manicotti with the Costco chicken and that was a unanimous two thumbs up from both of us!

Then Amanda set to building a cabinet.

I had plans for rearranging the living room, she had ideas and after some frustrations with the construction of the HomeTrends cabinet (calling customer service tomorrow!!), she went right to town. I don't have before pics, but here is what I came out to this morning!!

She suffers from insomnia, but made excellent use of it last night!! So fine tuning to go, but I was so impressed! This child can do anything that she sets her mind to! <3

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  1. I didn't think you could crop Doberman ears any more....easy to put together, oh yah? LOL!! Good Job Amanda!

  2. Anonymous9:18 AM

    I've seen GShepherds with their ears crazy glued as a last resort to tain them skywards. OPI usually is a brand without the 3 worst bad chemicals. Hopefully our Costco still has the set. Lucky you to get an overnight room makeover! Well done.