Friday, March 20, 2015

Just days

Thursday's are a challenging day. I close Wednesday nights but still open on Thursdays. I get through the day but it's usually a very early night.
And I feel badly for the puppies; it is a disruption to their normal routine but they take it in stride.

On top of that I am fighting off a cold; it's staying very low grade so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

On the upside, I am on two, yes, count 'em, two weeks holidays. I told Lee that I will be knitting, cross stitching, maybe a little spinning. I will also be on my own schedule - sleeping and eating at my whim and pleasure. It's going to be awesome. The puppies won't know what's going on!!

Chica loves playing fetch. This is her waiting for me to get her ball out from beside the fridge.

She will just wait. No other toy will do. Sometimes Petey can drag her away for a romp & play, but she'll end up back on her vigil.

And when her ball lands in the water dish? Hilarity!!!

YouTube Video

Much more knitting content in the upcoming days!!

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  1. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Ah, great posts. Will check out the Sauce Shop. Pups are very sweet.