Wednesday, April 6, 2011

F is for

Friends - tried & true, far & near, virtual & in RL.

Fabulous - I got my nails done again (9 of them anyway) and it's amazing how much it lifted my spirits and made me feel fabulous again!!

Freezing - I was always the cold one in the house but since the chemo I've nudged the thermostat from 68 to 69 to 70 and I am still freezing. I have a hot water bottle under my feet, hot drink in my hands, afghans around my legs & an extra sweater on. And I still feel deep down cold. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever really be warm again?

And then there's my favourite F-word (and it's many variations). I try to use it less but sometimes it's just the most perfect way to express the moment.


  1. Sometimes when you just get chilled to the bone you need to bask like a lizard to get your marrow warm again.

  2. I will never give up the word "fuck." It's a truly brilliant word, and since I'm a reporter, I have many occasions to use it.

    I'll sponsor you -- as soon as I get some coffee into me! Bravo for doing the challenge!

  3. If only it were summer & the basking was easy!! LOL Or I had a heating lamp. I should really invest in an electric blanket but I have a ridiculous fear of being electrocuted in my sleep.

    Thanks Roz!! "Fucktillion" is my fave unvented iteration. I think I was the first to coin it ...

  4. Anonymous2:19 PM

    I was always cold until I got past menopause...somehow it reset my thermostat (and I'm not talking about the flashes and sweats) and I seem much warmer these days.

    In that vein I'm sending "warm" thoughts your way.