Friday, April 15, 2011

K is for


I've lost a bit of my knitting mo-jo lately.
I swatched the pink Kid Classic but just wasn't feeling like knitting Marsha so that went back in the room.
Still have a scarf on the needles.
I'm onto the leg of the socks for Elise and am getting excited to be close to done & starting another pair. Noro's Kureyon sock has been discontinued so I'll be doing another pair in the Taiyo sock. Hmmmmm ... what colourway?

Kill Bill

My favourite movie(s) when I've had a bitch of a day. Line up the drinks and hit play & in a few hours I'm feeling much less rageful.


  1. One of these days I gotta watch that movie. and once the thumb heals, the knitting mojo will returen with a vengence!

  2. The violence is like Japanese anime over-the-top but I love movies with strong women heroines!!
    I hope it's just the thumb & post-treatment exhaustion ... I still love when I knit just have kind of lost the consuming desire to knit. Le Sigh.