Thursday, April 7, 2011

G is for

Grumbling - Stop it!!! Grumbling is just counter-productive. It's whiny and self-pitying and generally unhelpful. If you must, then complain to someone who can do something about your issue(s) or offer a resolution. Better yet, be proactive and find a solution or move on to:

Gratitude Seriously a little goes a long way!! I really think that as a society we have become so accustomed to coveting more - keeping up with the Jones' - that we forget that maybe we are the Jones'!! New & better come so fast & furious that it's impossible to keep up ... wait a minute ... do we really need to keep up? I remind my kids that instead of looking at their friends who have what they perceive to be more and/or better than they do & feeling hard done by, perhaps they should look at their friends who don't have what they do & feel lucky that we've been able to provide them such things.
I admit that I love a new gadget probably more than the next girl and I do love my Bluray player & wouldn't trade my iPhone 4 for anything, but I waited a long time to trade up to that tech and will make it last as long as I can before moving on. Maybe it's because I was raised with very little such things, or because I hate learning how to use new tech or I'd like to believe that I really have enough sometimes and grateful to have what I do.

I'm not against buying new things or having a passion for something(s). Lord knows that would be the pot calling the kettle black!! It's about slowing down sometimes and asking why. Are we looking for the things to fill a hole that things can't fill or expecting happiness from something meant to entertain? Sometimes it's not about the "what" but the "why" and taking the time to find out.

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  1. happy to donate. you are an inspiration and I wish you the best!

  2. Gratitude in big gobs, you glorious girl! Keep counting the plusses.