Monday, February 14, 2011


Amanda & I had a most excellent day at Julie's! It was nice to just put most everything out of my mind and just bring order to something.
Amanda did great - the Noro was all her; not just neatening, taking inventory & putting in order by colour num
ber. It's a new system that we used on the Rowan too. I had used the ROYGBIV system but especially with so much online & phone customers as well I can see how having the yarn in colour number order could make that easier.

I brought home the Big Book of Knitted Monsters - Amanda repeatedly expressed desires for a herd of such pets.

Rowan Cotton Classics was not in the Rowan books that Julie got in so I will anxiously await it to see what cabley goodness Julie would have me work on next!

I am half finished my new
socks! I got a lot done while I waited at the mall yesterday while Amanda and her friend shopped for some new t-shirts. It was actually very restful - people watching with my iPhone pumping beats and knitting away the time.

Look what came!!
Elise has sent yarn for all sorts of projects!! I don't even know which one to start on first!! I'll think on that while I finish my other sock.


Roxie said...

Sorting is SO satisfying! Great job. And mucho knitting mojo at the mall. What fun!

Kyle Kunnecke said...

one of my favorite LYS memories is re-organizing Bishop's Yarns in Chatsworth, CA - it took a few days but we did it - and the finished store looked so good! Kudos on a job well done!

debbever said...

I was so happy to meet you and Amanda "in person" at Julie's on Saturday. You are so inspiring (both for your knitting skill and your courage fighting cancer) and I loved the red-hair wig!

I realized that I didn't even introduce myself, now you can see who I am. Cheers, Debbie