Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting it Done!!

Julie sent the extra ball of CE Liberty Wool & I finished Elizabeth - awesome!! I slipped the edge stitch for the bottom of the sweater & the outside edge of the collar; it makes for a very nicely finished edge.

I'm making excellent headway on Every L
ast Yard, I'm on the 2nd sleeve already. The ball that I used for the sleeves is a bit redder than the rest of the sweater. I didn't notice until just now, but since it will be the same for both sleeves I'm not too bothered; it's the nature of hand dyed yarns. I should be able to finish it tomorrow and then block it (definitely needs a good blocking!) and delivery them both on Saturday. Yes -- I'll be at The Needle Emporium for the day!! I'm so excited, it's been awhile since I've actually put in a days' work at the store & I can't wait. Amanda is waiting to hear back about a babysitting job - she wants so badly to work at Julie's but doesn't want to lose a potential babysitting job. 13 is rough!!

I've done 5 of 13 radiation treatments. Yes, I'm making my own collective. So far, so good. The treatments are quick - in & out in about 10-15 mins. Check out how thick that door is!!
OMG!!! I'm a bit disappointed that I'm not showing any signs of additional special powers with the mega-radiation that I'm being shot through with. I'm using the Glaxal Base cream and hopefully will be able to stave off any burning. It's super thick, easily absorbed, non-greasy and I'm quickly becoming a big fan!

The Bachelor - all I've got to say about that is this: OMG - there is always a stalkery/crazy/possessive chick and Michelle is it this time. They make for good clips & ratings but seriously? Brad. Dude. You're not going to marry her, kick her bony Fatal Attraction ass to the curb!!!

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  1. The stripey sweater makes me smile, smile, smile! But the red one would get more regular wear in my closet.

    Love yur big "Statement" earrings. You look lovely!