Monday, February 14, 2011


Amanda & I had a most excellent day at Julie's! It was nice to just put most everything out of my mind and just bring order to something.
Amanda did great - the Noro was all her; not just neatening, taking inventory & putting in order by colour num
ber. It's a new system that we used on the Rowan too. I had used the ROYGBIV system but especially with so much online & phone customers as well I can see how having the yarn in colour number order could make that easier.

I brought home the Big Book of Knitted Monsters - Amanda repeatedly expressed desires for a herd of such pets.

Rowan Cotton Classics was not in the Rowan books that Julie got in so I will anxiously await it to see what cabley goodness Julie would have me work on next!

I am half finished my new
socks! I got a lot done while I waited at the mall yesterday while Amanda and her friend shopped for some new t-shirts. It was actually very restful - people watching with my iPhone pumping beats and knitting away the time.

Look what came!!
Elise has sent yarn for all sorts of projects!! I don't even know which one to start on first!! I'll think on that while I finish my other sock.


  1. Sorting is SO satisfying! Great job. And mucho knitting mojo at the mall. What fun!

  2. one of my favorite LYS memories is re-organizing Bishop's Yarns in Chatsworth, CA - it took a few days but we did it - and the finished store looked so good! Kudos on a job well done!

  3. I was so happy to meet you and Amanda "in person" at Julie's on Saturday. You are so inspiring (both for your knitting skill and your courage fighting cancer) and I loved the red-hair wig!

    I realized that I didn't even introduce myself, now you can see who I am. Cheers, Debbie