Sunday, January 2, 2011

Same Old

I did not start a new project to kick off the new year - not to say that I didn't think about it though!!

I'm making excellent progress on Elizabeth though it's hard to tell.
The side-to-side construction makes it hard to block as I go or spread out nicely for a picture. I'm past the halfway point and am really loving it - the yarn is lovely to knit with, the colours flow so nicely and the pattern is easy!!

I am going to work more on the Qiviut sweater tomorrow I think ...

I did wind a ball of yarn today with the intention of knitting socks for myself - a lot of mine are getting old and wearing out beyond reasonable repair. It's a ball of Touch Yarns 4-ply merino wool that I bought at Stitches East a couple of years ago. Yes, I think that it's been aged just right ...
I just love the colours but I think that it's a bit of a fine 4-ply so I started thinking of a small shawl/scarf that I could knit. I got lost in the Ravelry pattern database for awhile but came out with Herbivore (Rav link). I think that it will be lovely and am looking forward to knitting it, but I really should get to some more socks.

I am definitely feeling the cumulative effects of the Taxotere with this treatment, the pain set in the next day, but am consoling myself with knowing that if I can feel it working on every other system in my body that it's killing cancer that I can't feel. Yeah, that and the Percocet helps!!
I am having to make a conscious effort to drink more water than I used to; I'm not sure if I'm more dehydrated or I just got out of that good habit.

Thanks for all of your support - it really helps!! I seriously don't know how I would be getting through without my friends - online & in RL!! I'm definitely going to find the best that 2011 has and make the most of it! Hopefully fibroids are the worst health problem that I'll have to deal with this year & from research and advice they're easily enough dealt with. Knock on wood.

I've gotten so spoiled by all of the marathons on TV - especially on Food Network - this past week or so that I don't know how I'm going to go back to regularly scheduled programming!!


  1. Bless your dear heart! You are such a trooper. Good attitude is so very important in cancer treatments. We can support and encourage your attitude, but we can't create it. You had to bring it with you and you deserve applause and maybe a manicure or a massage on a daily basis! If I lived close enough, I would offer it.

  2. Which marathon was you're favourite? The challenges with sugar kept me up WAY too late! ;o)