Friday, January 21, 2011

CE Elizabeth

So here she is blocking. Just a couple of seams and the interminable ribbing for the collar. I was really hoping to have it done for tomorrow but I've been a bit of a slacker the last few days. No worries Julie - I'm all over it now!!

My hair is starting to grow back!!! I have some fluff of hair that didn't all fall out and is a bit longer but I can see actual new hair growing out of my scalp! Yeah, my wish for the 'not grey' - FAIL. Now just waiting to see if it comes in thicker and/or curly. I don't care - I'm just glad to have it coming back!

I start radiation on Feb 1st. There is apparently no physiological reason for it to make me tired except for the back & forth to the hospital and considering that I'm back and forth to somewhere almost every day hopefully that won't be a problem. And I will allow the Cdn Cancer Society to drive me most days so that should take some of the load off (and not driving myself will avoid that eating into my knitting time!).

And I've sorted another dyeing day at Shelridge Farms on March 5th. If you live in the area (Durham, ON) or area-ish and are interested in joining in on a whack of colourful fun let me know & I can give you more details!!


  1. Ahh, the sweater is lovely! As usual, great work!!

  2. Congrats on the hair returning - it will be interesting to see if it grows back any different than your "normal" hair - maybe it will be red LOL!!!

    Do you use your wig much?

  3. The jacket is gorgeous. I love the colours. Glad to hear your enjoying the dyeing. I can't seem to get enough.

  4. I'm not worried. :) Great news about your hair. Can't wait to see the new you!!

  5. Can you let me know some details about Shelridge? Thanks.
    Whatever your hair does now, won't necessarily be what it will be like in six months...I had lovely curls, but they were gone after the first cut. :o( And grey? It looked worse when it first started growing in, but just a "spattering" now. ;o)

  6. Getting the new hair is the best fun :0) I dyed mine bright red as soon it was long enough (about half an inch !). Now, a year after chemo, it's almost to my shoulders but SOOOO curly. It was wavy before but this is mad ! I've had it cut several times and the curls keep coming back. I hope you like whatever happens with yours.