Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm Back

Sorry 'bout that! Had a bit of a rough week after chemo and then it was just plain old busy with Amanda home from school & Kyle off from Honda for the week and I've been going gangbusters on that Windy Valley Muskox sweater. I found out that Dianne wanted it for the VK Live show this week - yikes!! But I don't miss deadlines and I'm still batting 1000!! It's done, my ardent pleas to whatever deities may cast their blessings on Customs Officials did the trick and UPS just has to deliver the goods tomorrow!! You, my friends get a sneak peek, especially if you're not going to be in NY this weekend. I just need to sit down and do the brain-scrambling maths to do a couple of extra sizes. SmileyCentral.com

Today I went down to Sunnybrook for the CT scan & mapping and the tiny dot tattoos (really, permanent ink delivered with a needle but to call them tattoo
s is misleading & frankly disappointing SmileyCentral.com). I had a very competent driver (when you're a trained professional driver this perhaps is more important than usual) who took myself and a couple of other people down. We left early since one of them had an earlier appt time and ended up staying later as she had additional tests to be done. No worries ... driving time + waiting time = knitting time!!! I am almost done the 2nd sleeve on the CE Elizabeth sweater. Then just blocking, a big 'ole ribbed collar and finishing. I got this!!

I also met Barb, a lovely lady who was knitting a square for a blanket.
Sunnybrook had a basket of yarn that people could knit these squares from - I saw a few people knitting on them so it's a program that works! Anyway I took her picture because I rarely see someone who knits by tensioning around their next. She had the ball of yarn on her left, trailing over her legs, through her right hand, around her neck then into her left hand and she used her thumb to wrap the yarn around the needle. Fascinating!!! SmileyCentral.com


  1. Was her tension tight? I've heard of this as a Turkish technique or an Andean technique. Maybe both.

    Hang in, youwarrior woman! You'll beat this thing.

  2. I thought this wa 'Portugese knitting'. I could be waaaay wrong. Either way it's interesting.

  3. I also have heard this called Portuguese knitting. I've seen one other person knit this way and it is indeed fascinating.

  4. Rumour has it that's that how YOU knit Wannietta.
    Sooooo, HOW do you knit? And so fast too!
    I thought Sunnybrook having those baskets of yarn was the coolest!
    When my mom was sick in Louise Marshall Hospital in Mt. Forest, I played in their basket of yarn...first thing I did, was untangle everything and make some pretty balls of yarn for fellow knitters.

  5. Her tension looked pretty good Roxie.

    Wow - small world CH, I was born in Mount Forest!!!