Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Time Off

Between not being able to sleep & when I do it's not quality sleep, the pain in my breast - which has me concerned because Dr. S. says that it's not typical but could be because of the rapid growth of the tumour - and appts without end I've gone on medical leave from the Mighty Mart of Wal. I'll totally miss most of the people but not the drama and drudgery. I'm really looking forward to quantity knitting time - I'm sure that this won't be much of a vacation but I'll make of it what I can!!

What a difference blocking makes - I'm totally going to have to block the 2nd sleeve!
I've started on the LF - the pattern called for doing the main part then sewing on the entire band. While I love finishing sometimes it just doesn't make sense to seam stitches to stitches so I knit the band and then just picked up the body stitches and am going from there; when I'm done I'll only have to seam the band to the front & side welt.

Amanda is adorable - she knows that knitting is love so she is working on a secret scarf for me!! I'm also getting a pink friendship bracelet and she's making a whack of Klutz bottle cap charms.

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