Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Will Survive

It's been an up & down couple of months - test, misdiagnosis, specialists and more tests but it's confirmed. I have breast cancer. Cancer is such a bigger & weightier word than it seems when you need to take ownership of it.

It's an aggressive tumour - it's doubled in size in 6 weeks - so I'll be going in for surgery in the next couple of weeks. I'll probably work next week at the Mart of Wal then go off on disability until this sleigh ride is over. While it won't be a total vacation - I'm sure that the chemo & radiation will live up to their billing - I'm looking forward to the knitting time. I know, but this is my silver lining!!!

You don't know how good your friends are until you really need them and I've been blessed. It's going to be a long, hard row to hoe but I'm a tough one to keep down for long. I will survive this.

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