Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Don'tcha just hate thinking of a title sometimes?

Anyway, I had to go to the hospital for the pre-op admin tests/paperwork so I got a lot done on a pair of socks, that even though they are my "to-go" project, have been taking entirely too long.
I'm going to take some time after this post to finish them since I'm almost at the toe shaping.

China Clouds is growing!! I'm at the armhole shaping on the LF - very nice!!

I want my blog to be mostly about my knitting but this cancer is going to be as much a part of my life going forward as my knitting and I started blogging so that I could keep my friends up to date on what's going on so talking about how I'm feeling physically & emotionally is going to be included. I'm not one to share too many deep feelings on the blog but you never know - I'm prone to say anything these days. I swear, I'm more distracted & stupid lately than with both of my pregnancies combined!!
Today is a good day - I'm not feeling as much pain as I have been recently so maybe (hopefully) Louie (I named it ... I couldn't help it!) has stopped his growth spurt. I did some math and with a growth rate of 100% in 42 days, if that growth has remained constant, Louie is 28.5% larger than 12 days ago. And it feels like it. I know, I'm entirely too nurturing!!! LOL

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