Thursday, July 15, 2010


I've been trying to start on a new sock but I'm not having a lot of success.

In order:a regular rib swatch, a Knit One Below swatch, a K1B swatch with Koigu.I don't know - I'm just not really liking any of them.
Perhaps I am not meant to knit socks with the lovely Yarntini. Sigh - maybe it will be the start of another Yartini strip for another afghan.

I am swatching up an anonymous yarn - I've wound it but can't find the ball band.

But fortunately I received the most sumptuous alpaca in the mail.
I swear, it rivals cashmere with it's lusciousness (I am knitting the sample, I have no vested interest in the source). Aslan Trends Royal Alpaca - OMG!!! It is for a Knit One Below sweater for Knitters and while I would have selected different colours should it have been for me, I am in deep and abiding love with the feel of this yarn!!

Today has not been good - I told a good friend about the breast cancer; I always cry when someone else cries. But the Lord doesn't give us burdens that we cannot bear so I know that I will get through this and see the other side. I am stronger for the burden that I bear.

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