Wednesday, December 14, 2005

You just need the right diagnosis

Doctor - I think that I am seriously ill! No, no fever, rashes or vomitting. Well, I love my job. I don't get paid a six figure salary - hell I don't get paid even close to what I'm worth. There are long hours, mistakes can't be blamed on the girl in the next cubicle that nobody knows and they have to be fixed - even if it means 3 days work is lost. But the most worrisome symptom is that I can't say no when offered another project! And God help me if it even a bit enticing - like what was in this package. Dorothy Siemens' Daisy Meadow Scarf. I have knit for this client before - she always has the most wonderful and delightful jobs. I'm helpless when confronted with anything knitting related - yarn, patterns, stores - I have more than I can do in 10 natural lifetimes and yet I buy more and get excited when more work falls in my lap. Is there help for me Doctor?
I'm glad that you came to see me before making any attempt to treat yourself. Under no circumstances are you to reduce your fibre intake. Your body has become accustomed to what would be considered toxic fibre levels in anyone in the general population; any treatment plan must be carefully considered. Have you noticed these symptoms in anyone else in your home? Good. While short-term exposure can rapidly transmit this condition to others, prolonged over-exposure (usually to family members) seems to have a reverse effect - almost an aversion to anything fibre related.
I will have to take some samples - a couple pairs of socks, a sweater and definitely a hat. Hmmmm, I should get a cushion too ... just to be on the safe side. When you have these ready for me I will need some time to study them and perform a number of tests. This is a very new field of study; people are reluctant to come forward for diagnosis as they fear the treatment. Rest assured Wannietta that we here at
the It's OKAY (Obviously a Knitting And Yarn) Addiction Clinic are committed to having you knit things for us recovery. We never make any hasty decisions that could affect us having sweaters and socks forever your health.
Thank you Doctor - that's just what I wanted to hear it's such a relief to find devoted, attentive professionals to nuture and encourage treat me. I'll just need a few measurements from you ... and how soon did you need those socks?

The Wrap Jacket is on it's final blocking - picture coming soon.
Here is the Nakiska headband that I sneaked into my WIP without anyone noticing! It was a lot of fun & it was made from a stash yarn!! Look at me not buying new yarn for everything little thing! Amanda would like a headband too ... I think I have stash for that as well!!

The Celtic Knitter had this cool link on his blog so I had to try it. Using a few different pictures I had the following results:

Zhang Ziyi - 69%
Shannon Doherty - 68%
Nana Mouskouri - 65% (I was wearing my glasses for this result)
Rita Hayworth - 63 % (all right!! Madonna says that Rita "gives good face")
Chava Alberstein - 62%

Lovely ladies all - and no, I've never been mistaken for any one of them!!!


  1. Ha ha Wanietta. That's funny about your diesease. I think that I have the same diesease, but it hasn't progressed as far as yours yet. I'm still in the semi-benign stages of this malady.

    How nice to be knitting for someone all the way in China!!

    I want to commision knit too!! Can you get me some hook ups? I just don't care to knit anything for myself. There's nothing really good out there for men. I have a boatload of Noro Iro that I'm dying to find a pattern for.....

  2. Niiice Nakiska!! I think I'm an Enabler now too!!!!! Yay me! I've progressed a step on the knitting ladder! Woot!

    I'm glad to see your doctor gave you a good prognosis. That means there's hope for the rest of us. :)

  3. It would be a delight to knit but difficult to part with something that lovely. Do you have trouble giving it up after you put all the time and effort into it?

  4. Hey, thanks for mentioning my site! Zhang Ziyi is a good person to look like.

  5. So.... what is Wannietta knitting today?