Wednesday, December 21, 2005

To Summarize

Amanda was very ill - 10 loads of extra laundry ill. Photos are too graphic too share. (No one should have to see me doing that kind of manual labour!)

CPR class - Kyle went with me and we are card carrying "lay rescuers" (yes, I thought of some funny jokes too). I am
very intent on my practicing - no dummies were injured during these exercises. Started on the Daisy Meadow Shawl.

Unflattering picture of the finished Wrap Jacket. I'm not sure if I'm not doing the Jacket justice or the other way 'round.

2 hour drive to family dinner, family dinner, 2 hour drive back. 2.5 Nakiska's done (teddy bear's, Amanda's & start of Jasmyn's). Here are some pics of my sister & my nieces. (see the resemblances?)

Cheeky Monkey to Vet - he's fine.

Me to a walk-in clinic for a prescription refill. 1.5 hours of my life & sanity that I will never get back. Though I did finish other half of Jasmyn's Nakiska - a plus to the day, but don't think that it made up for the screaming children, coughing & hacking that I had to sit through.

MF disease-breeding petrie dish aka walk-in clinic!!! Struck down by a bug that I can't even see, that I didn't know was attacking me and am powerless to fight. After many dehydrating visits to the bathroom, I am finally sitting up at the end of today without dizzy spells. Knitting will resume it's regular schedule tomorrow.


  1. Sorry Amanda and you have been ill. I hope you will all be better soon! Tis the season, eh?

    I don't find the picture of the wrap jacket unflattering at all. You both look fantastic!

  2. I'm glad you and Amanda are feeling better. That darned flu bug has been floating around down this way too. Yuck.