Monday, December 5, 2005

sigh - Monday

I had a great weekend with Ada & Jocelyn!! We bought a bit of yarn - 50% off is my weakness!! - so I bought some Brazilia Stop n Go to make a fab sweater for Amanda (I know, after I knit one for Kyle). I spoke to them (Knitters Bazaar, where I bought the yarn) about my Sassy Stripes issue. They asked me to bring in the labels (I kept them all!!) and the garment to send back to Moda Dea. Poor little Amanda just about burst into tears at the thought of losing her sweater for some unknown number of weeks while they study it to determine if/what the quality issues are. So Judy suggested if I had pictures that they may suffice. So I will put together the lables & pictures and see what Moda Dea comes back with.

Ada was working on 2!! pairs of Jaywalker socks and brought a beautiful lace shawl that she had recently finished. It was beautiful!!
Jocelyn was working on a bulky chenille hat - designing it on the needles!

You will just have to take my word for it that they were here & had fun as they both adamantly & steadfastly refused to have their picture taken.

I am about halfway down the 2nd sleeve on the wrap jacket & nearly done sewing together the Noro Afghan. My Jaywalker socks are a bit tight. I had convinced myself that it was just the needles that made it feel hard to pull on, but once the heel flap was done, it was obvious that I was once again lying to myself. Yes, I will rip them out. sigh

I will definitely have pictures tomorrow - the batteries (yes, I have 2 and let both of them run down) are dead.


  1. Good score on the yarn! 50% off is everyone's weakness! :) I hope Moda Dea gets you some decent answers. :) I can't wait to see the pictures of your knits, etc.. We had the same problem with camera batteries, until we bought rechargeable batteries ... they're wicked awesome. :)

  2. Jocelynn8:34 PM

    I just don't like my picture taken. Take pride in the fact that you already caught me once because I had just woken up and you surprised me at the door. Had I been awake for a little more time, you wouldn't have been so lucky. It's my secret power to avoid having my picture taken. So far the only ones to succeed are the Motor Vehicle place and my mother, she knows all my weaknesses! I had a wonderful time at your place. You should put some of your recipes on your blog.