Thursday, December 22, 2005

What's Wannietta Knitting Today?

I am on the 3rd of 6 final squares for my Noro Afghan. I like a really functional afghan - long & wide - perfect for snuggling, cuddling & sharing!

The 2nd iteration of my Jaywalker socks is working out quite nicely. I like a fitted sock and generally work to a tighter tension (8.5 - 9 sts/inch) than most. Lovely - n'est-ce pas

Here are Jasmyn & Chantalle's Nakiskas - Chantalles' isstill on the needles. I love how the Paton's Look at Me knit up - a nice swirl of the colours!! The darker one is not coming out quite as gentle a swirl - a few more rounds will tell the tale.

Amanda made a gingerbread house at school today. I think that it is more of a candy house, but she was all impressed. The cupcake was a gift from one of my students - Amanda called dibs. Kyle had the 2 cookies that were also on the "sweet plate". Thanks Natalie!!

And an introduction is in order. This is Kathleen J. Mackay, RMT. She is the new massage therapist in charge of making sure that I can continue knitting in volume to which I have become accustomed. There will never be another like Holly (small sniffle), but since a 2 hour drive each way is a little ridiculous - no matter how good the massage ... and it was very good - but I think that Kathleen will work out nicely.

Le Piéce de Resistance!!! I am joining the Follow the Lead
er Aran Knitalong, lead by Janet Szabo on the Aranknit List. After much hemming & hawing I chose Briggs & Little Regal 2ply in Fir. I made a conscious decision to not choose a blue. I think that this will be lovely. I have made my best effort to make the colour as accurate as possible on my screen. Hopefully it translates as well on all of yours! I love this colour & Linda shipped it super fast! So, Wannietta will be swatching this over the next week of two and pouring over cable patterns galore to chose the most perfect ones! No, I don't have any kind of control disorder - it's perfectly natural. All of you laisser-faire types have a problem!!


  1. Your Nakiskas look great. I like your idea of using the cableing without a cable needle as a 2006 new technique, but since it's pretty much already 2nd nature to me (what's a cable needle?!?!) I don't think I could pull it off as a resolution -- it'd kinda be like cheating. LOL.

    Amanda's candy house looks great! :) I looooove gingerbread. I should have made some this year but I didn't get around to doing it. Oh well. There's always January. *grin*

  2. Look at Me yarn is awesome in Nakiskas! I'm using the same colour for my granddaughters hoodie which will not be done for Christmas. I'll have to use the leftover and try one too.