Monday, December 12, 2005

Welcome Home Kerwyn!

While it was a great workout for me to shovel out the driveway on Friday I am very thankful that Kerwyn is back home. Not just for the shoveling, either!! Amanda loves helping - and sometimes the best help is staying out of the way & looking cute. Kyle did a great job with the outside chores while Kerwyn was away, but it is very nice to have my main man back.

Kerwyn brought Amanda a set of Chinese health balls & a Hello Kitty purse. She was ecstatic!!! A re
al little woman already who can't have enough purses.

Kyle is the proud owner of an Oris "copy watch" and a black t-shirt with an embroidered silver dragon. He was very impressed. As with any 14 year old young man, appearances are everything. So sporting a watch, that is to the casual observer an authentic Oris, is a heady experience. I told the boy not to walk around bragging because if anyone actually believed that his father would #1, buy him an Oris and #2, let him wear it to school, they would have it off of his wrist faster than he could say "Oris". But what do I know? He's happy, so I won't push it.

No, I didn't get yarn. I have a lovely set of health balls too - which will be great for keeping my hands & fingers dextrous for knitting & a replice Tag Heuer. I did need a watch but just had never got around to buying one for myself. I'm not as hung up on appearances (well, maybe I'm a bit of a yarn snob ... but that's different!) but it is a bit of a thrill imagining that it is real. (The Sheep approves of the gift as "knitterly".)

Cheeky Monkey will be coming home on Wednesday. The cat is out of the bag (sorry - my fingers did
that all on their own) as Amanda started begging Kerwyn for a kitten as soon as he come through the door Friday night. It's okay, she is so excited that it may be just as well that I don't spring an unsuspecting animal on her. The Kitty Bed is knit and awaits felting. I will probably go to the laundromat tomorrow to felt it up (that almost sounds obscene!). Amanda is very impressed. "So that's what it is!!! You're sneaky." BWAHA HA!! Yes I am.

The Wrap Jacket is KNIT!!! I am going to wash and block the 2nd half today then graft it together and have it photographed tomorrow. The patttern changes will be finished tonight and emailed to Julie for consideration by Naturally. Phew - another one down.


  1. Can't wait to see that kitty bed felted.

    Welcome home, Kerwyn!

  2. I can't wait to see the pictures.... I need a new project. I have a whole lot of Noro Iro, but I want to find a nice cardigan pattern. Any ideas?

  3. Welcome Home Kerwyn!!