Monday, November 5, 2018

Something Seems Amiss

The easier the thing, the greater the likelihood of mucking it up. 

Just merrily knitting along on Hartwist  and as I didn’t pause to admire my own work, as one is wont to do occasionally, I didn’t notice the glaring error until a few rows up. It was just one cable; it was the whole row. Definitely faster for me to re-knit it than try to ladder them all down. 

So now that my secular work is done, I am setting to making up some lost time. 
I popped into the LCBO to pick up some thank you gifts and wouldn’t you know, it turning into the best time of year!!! Gifty Booze!!! I couldn’t resist the lovely Reidel glasses in with the Steamwhistle  Especially since I have the Steamwhistle bottle opener and lunch tin from the last couple of years ☺️☺️

You know, I think that it really does enhance the taste of the Pilsner! 

I have to say, at the risk of tempting The Fates, that I am
content. Nothing is perfect and there’s always some challenge to overcome, but I am satisfied with my lot in life. I dare say, I may even be happy. 

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