Thursday, February 22, 2018

Veronika Cardigan

Wow, it’s really been a while since I’ve blogged!!

I have some mixed feelings about blogging. I can’t control who reads it, unlike FB and IG where I have some control over my posts. Knowing that the audience is open sometimes gets into my head and I overthink what I want to share, so then I just don’t. I don’t like that feeling, so I’m going to a more concerted effort to blog, even if it’s not about knitting - for various reasons.

But today, I share with you my progress on my Veronika Cardigan  It is for me, for wearing to the Frolic. Everyone in the Needle Emporium booth will be sporting a version of the cardigan. It is also my Olympic inputting project, but is not likely to see my getting a gold. I am woefully behind.

I am pleased with how the skeins are blending, I am knitting with two skeins at a time, alternating every tow rows. This project is perfect mindless knitting - and given my mental exhaustion lately, is just what I need.

Work has been a whirlwind this month!! We’re celebrating our 1st anniversary with a month of 1/2 price offers. It’s been a lot of work for everyone, but you have to blow it out on your first year!!
I come home tired, but it’s the tired of a job well done and I look forward to each next day. What more can you ask of a secular job? 

I am so excited for this weekend!! 
Kyle and Amanda are coming up with Kyle’s gf Mahsa and her son. We are going to eat well (I’ve started on a lasagna tonight and we’ll have a pulled pork roast that Craig & I smoked this past summer), and cut into a gender reveal cake! YES!!! Imma be a Nana!!! I can’t wait to find out what my wee Bean is going to be so I can start my knitting accordingly. I’m really not good at “neutral”. Don’t worry - y’all’ll by the very next to know!!

I hesitate to say it, but I am happy. Nothing is perfect, but I am content with my life and I look forward to the challenges of each next day. 

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