Sunday, February 25, 2018

Magical Butter

So Craig bought me a Magical Butter machine as a total surprise at Xmas. He said that the people down at THC were patient, made him feel at ease and answered all his questions. I am finally getting around to making my first batch of cannabutter in it.
It has fancy lights, which I’m not gonna lie - are totally cool!! It has it’s own cleaning mode, which was a nice bit of domestic engineering. 

I started using the edibles - I started with cookies, then have moved on to brownies as my go to - as a sleep aid. I can take a small amount an hour before bed and then just sleep. I rarely wake up during the Witching Hour (the usual time when I seem to wake up and be unable to get back to sleep). I wake up without the drugged feeling that traditional sleeping pills leave me with. For me, it’s an ideal solution.

I decarbed the herb, clarified the butter - which had about a 30% loss of volume!
I hadn’t accounted for quite that much, so this batch will be a bit stronger by virtue of using only 3.5 cups of clarified butter:1g of herb. I also sent Craig on a mission for sunflower lecithin. I’m really learning a lot more about the science behind making edibles!! The Tottenham Health Food store was awesome and I’ll definitely be giving them more of my business in the future. 
I baked my last batch of brownies with the old slow cooker butter, but I’m excited to try the new butter and compare the results.

I have had a thoroughly relaxing day - and I definitely needed it!! I close tomorrow, so I even get like another  1/2 day off :) 
I noticed several errors in the ribbing on my Veronika Cardi.

Nope, not ripping back. I’m just going to go forward, try not to make any more goofy mistakes, and not beat myself up for the mistakes currently on file.

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