Friday, September 29, 2017


So I am hopelessly behind on What the Fade. This is where I’m at, last fade of Clue 3. I absolutely love the colours that I chose and how fabulously they are fading together!!

Clue 1 dropped for Speckle and Pop. 
I wound the Main Colours for it today; I still need to go stash diving for the colour pops ... or I might wait until Woodstock and buy some. Knitting time is precious and stash diving may be time-consuming distracting. I’ll be swatching on the main project for this one. 

Then I wound up yarn for a Flat Rib Popover vest for Julie. 
I haven’t knit a project for Julie personally in awhile, I think Patrick was the last one, so I’m especially excited for this project!! 
I love knitting Churchmouse patterns - such well written patterns and effortless knits. 
I’ll prob swatch it tonight. 

I don’t usually have this many major works on the go at the same time ... my knitting eyes may be stretching my physical abilities. Lol. 

Craig brought with him my birthday present. He really listened and reached out to Julie for advice and he did good!!! 

I absolutely needed a new shawl pin as the last one dropped and broke. I also explained to him that the yarn was perfect since “sock” didn’t necessarily mean socks, that all of my shawls were knit in sock weight yarn. 

Quick post - much fabric to make!! 

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