Thursday, September 21, 2017

Birthday Week

I am so happy that I have been trained in cakes at work! I was able to make a cake for my sister and it was as exciting for me to make and deliver as it was for her to receive! 

Also a part of my mission today was picking up my yarn that she bought as my proxy at the Koigu tent sale. 
This is the Kersti that will become an afghan. I think that I will buy a gaming die to make random colourization and striping easier for me. I'm really bad at randomization; i much prefer planning. It will, of course, be done in Knit One Below planned pooling strips.

There is also some KPPPM, but it's a secret as some of it is a gift. But here's a pic of the fab re-usable bags the yarn came in!!

I also picked up the leggings that I ordered from my niece. She reps for Legging Army  and I'm a fan! Way cool patterns and so comfy! An added bonus - Craig believes in leggings as pants - lol! 

Fright Night and Powdered Skulls

Moody Blue and Peaceful Dreams
I also managed to get some sock knitting done on the ever patient sock. Poor socky -- it gets set aside for everything else. But Winter is Coming ... socks will be needed.

Oh - and I've attached the brackets to the new, massive tele, maeasured and marked the placement for the wall mount so that John can just screw on the wall bracket tomorrow. Hopefully there will only be a few minor adjustments and I'll be ready to look for a smaller entertainment cabinet.
All in all, a very productive day!!
Okay ... more Brioche. I love brioche, I love brioche, I love brioche. There is something different in Clue 3 ... I can do this!!! 

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