Saturday, September 30, 2017


What the Fade Clue Three spoilers at the end of the post.
Today was pretty much all about Craig. 
He had a part in the Bruce County Heritage Ducumentary Project and played the part of Robert Dunlop. I now know a lot more about this small piece of Canadian history than I used to. 

He was brilliant! I’ve never seen him acting proper before, so this was a treat. I was so proud of him and though it’ll be into next spring/summer before the dvd is released.

We were filming at the Bruce County Museum, and I took a selfie with a cool sculpture using a massive old chain. 
Between the drive there and back an dtime between scenes, I managed to finish Clue Four of What the Fade!!

Rows are feeling painfully long - 373 is a lot of stitches, even in garter. Gorgeous fade of three colours in that garter section!

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