Monday, February 6, 2017

New Adventure

My knitting game has been off the past few days. I've started training at the new Dairy Queen Angus.  A 5 minute walk to work is going to be awesome!! 
Trying to adjust my sleep cycle back to a traditional day-walkers has been the challenge. I wake up in the wee hours and can't get back to sleep. I've never been one to get up when I can't sleep; I lay in bed and read on my Kobo. Upside is I've been getting a lot of reading in and am off to a great start on my 50 book pledge. I would really like to upgrade to the new Kobo Aura One  especially for the reduced blue light option, but it's not an inexpensive tool. So I will read my Kobo Glo to its last word, postponing a new investment as long as possible. 
I did my first swatch on 3.5mm interchangeable circular Marblz and it is a bit loose, stitch and row, even before blocking. I'm swatching now on 3.25mm lace Addis  It's measuring much better. I'm hoping to block them out tonight. 
 I just went to take a picture of them and the 2nd swatch is done too! Clearly my life is a bit of a blur ... I'll block them out before work today. 

My socks have stalled just past the heel. 
I do miss the knitting time that I had at ALP, but every job has trade offs. I think that in balance, Dairy Queen will be a forward move and I'm excited for this new challenge!

Craig is happy too. He has been supportive of my job options and choices, but it is easier to be on a similar work schedule. I'll be working evenings and weekends again, but short of one of us winning a large lottery, it's never going to be perfect. 
He surprised me with a singe rose when he picked me up after training on Saturday. 
 I love when he does this; it's so sweet; not over the top, just sentimental enough. 
The puppies greeted me thusly Friday morning:
 I know!!! Fortunately they just had at the pom pond; the hat itself is undamaged. I say "they", but I know that it was Petey. And he showed no remorse of shame at all, despite my clear displeasure. Those eyes though; I can't stay cross at him for long. 

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