Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I just finished two 60-hour weeks at DQ. It's been intense and chaotic at times, but satisfying. I am thoroughly enjoying the challenges and look forward to going to work! 
I am finally getting some real progress made on Rainbow in the Gorge. 
 Not a great picture, but you get a sense of the colour flow. It's a cuff-to-cuff construction. Not my fave, but in this instance it is perfect for showcasing the colour changes to full effect. I'll try to block it out a bit tonight and take a more impressive picture for tomorrow. 
Today I Pokémoned with my friend Jess (a perfect start to a day off!! We got caught up on all the things and I made a good start on my Gen 2 Pokémon), then ran around on a mission to find tortilla holders for work. We can't have our tortillas getting crunchy edges and DQ doesn't have a specific assigned container for this. 
It doesn't seem like it should be such a difficult task to find an 8" interior diameter container with a lid, and yet it was a challenge. But I wasn't leaving south Barrie empty handed!! I finally found what I needed at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I have to admit that that store intimidates me. I always just go to the front desk and ask for help to find what I need. 
Whilst on my mission, I found this gem! 
Blissful!! Especially after the long hours on my feet, this device makes my knitting spot all that much more enticing. 
My tulips have climaxed and I am in awe on the daily with the vibrancy of the colours and the delicate, frilly edges.  I am inspired to sort out a tulip bed this fall!! 
Oh!! I got more pretty yarn!!! Since my original Sweet Spot afghan  I have been wanting to do another Three Irish Girls strip. I have started another afghan, and I wanted to only use new Indie yarns, but Three Irish Girls is a fave of mine, their colour sense just calls to me. When I saw new colourways posted, I contacted Porch Swing Yarnsomniacs and when Bobbi Jo placed their next order, this became my Valentines gift to myself, and the opening of it was my reward for a particularly long couple of days at work. I'm not sure if Mister Snow (top, speckle), or Winter Birch will work into the afghan strip, but they spoke to me nonetheless. 

Okay ... back to the work of my heart and soul. 

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