Thursday, February 23, 2017

A day late

I just knit until I was too tired, then it was the next day and I didn't want to lose a day knitting waiting for the sleeve to block, so I blocked it this morning before work.
I took a bit to get going on this piece. I was ultra aware of the gauge - I am normally quite tight in my rows, which would be problematic with this construction as the rows are counted and accuracy is crucial. Julie specifically said to go up a needle size, so I was worried about being too loose. 
It is almost spot on, the stitch gauge is a twitchy but loose, but the length is on target, so I'm not displeased. 
The puppies were steadfast companions.  
 Yes, Petey is sitting on his sisters head a in fine brotherly tradition.

WHMIS training after work this afternoon, so I'm just getting settled in to knit now. I'll get a couple of hours in, so all is not lost! 

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