Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bits an' bobs

Heads up - Westknits MKAL spoiler pic below. 

The Woodstock Fleece Festival was wonderful! I love the yarn shows - all the pretties and seeing wonderful people in real life that I keep up with the rest of the year online. 
And Craig came with! He is my first SO to actually accompany me to and into a show. This bodes well for his prospects ;)
Actually he drove while I slept most of the way there and back. He had fun checking out the animals and did a massive walk around the town, taking pics of the old buildings. That is my finished Hitchhiker - the Cheshire Cat kits were quite popular at this show! 

I am enjoying the Westknits Building Blocks MKAL. I've been a bit slower at each clue than the last one, but that hasn't diminished my delight in the project! 
It is the same neon in the 3rd section as the 5th!! Amazing the difference that the CC makes!!

And super exciting - I drive the first 2017 CRV production model off of the line last night!! They are not quite perfected, but the kerfuffle about them finally rolling some off was something. It was a moment. 

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