Thursday, September 29, 2016

Linen Challenge

So then this happened. 
 Yeah. 85% of this Studio Linen is recycle rayon linen which is what gives the yarn a lovely sheen and drape right off the ball. This means I really can't just toss the balls in my knitting bag and go. Well, I can, but this is the result. YMMV
This was good opportunity to just zen out and untangle something. I feel like I've got choices and decisions to be made all around me and this was something that I could just do. It felt good to make it neat again, and then, lesson learned, bagged.

So ... I'm still working on a colourway for my Building Blocks MKAL  Clearly, having more choices was not a valid strategy in making this process easier. I keep looking at my Bag of Loveliness and then just sighing and thinking.  One of these skeins was a raok gift and I'm having a hard time deciding whether or not to use it in this project. It might end up a sentimental favourite in my stash. 

It's definitely cooling off, but I've not lit the furnace yet. I did plug in the electric fireplace to take the chill off of my feet. I'd likely have it going even if the furnace was running, it's not for overall room heating. And the puppies love it!! 

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