Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dog Park

So I finally found out about a dog park on base. It's just a fenced in ball diamond, but the organizers have troughs for water, balls and poo bags available. 
I have started getting up and taking the puppies over on nice mornings. Chica can barely contain her excitement when I say "park"!!
They haven't been around a lot of other dogs, so it's a good socialization time for them. That's a WIP though, and it's a large project, but we are nothing if not persistent. 
Chica is funny ... she won't play fetch with Amy other ball but her own. So I take hers and we just hunt it down if she loses it by being distracted by other dogs. 

The last few of days the puppies had the park to themselves and they just loved it. Petey just wanders around, exploring, marking the perimeter while Chica plays fetch. She will take an occasional break to stalk and play with Petey, but then it's back to the ball. 
Then other dogs showed up. The other owners are usually afraid of their dogs hurting the puppies; I explain that I'm more concerned for their dogs. LOL!! The puppies make a lot of noise, Chica likes letting everyone know that she's present. The other dogs make appropriate play overtures, but the puppies maintain a wariness. I really hope that they get used to other dogs and learn to play with them. 
Until then, we try. 

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