Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cooking Day

Westknits MKAL spoiler pic below. 

Working afternoons, having only 1/2 hour for lunch, and only vending machines as a back up rather forces me to be very organized and prepared when it comes to meals. Yesterday, I had leftover hot dog wieners for dinner. Not that I don't love my Schneider Red Hots, but it felt rather pitiful that it was a last resort rather than a choice. 

So today I cooked. 
Shepherds Pie, sausage and apple stuffed acorn squash, and chicken breasts with a bacon & mushroom cream sauce. 
I added Manitoba hemp hearts to my individually baked shepherds pies - I love that stuff!! 
I am grateful for the cooler weather since I can use the shelf in the boot room as a cooling spot. It takes some pressure off of the fridge/freezer and is just good food safety!! 
I now have 20 lunches prepared and dinner for tonight!! All of the Chinese takeaway containers were called into service! 
Not a bad result for an afternoons labours. 
The Shepherds pies are already in the freezer. This lot will get moved once they've cooled down properly. 

Petey has been super sneaky and has taken to stealing clean socks and thongs out of the laundry basket. Normally he will just go around picking up Craig & Amanda's dirty laundry that they leave on the floor. I won't let them call him a naughty dog for it; he's cleaning up! But taking clean ones out of the hamper - not on! 
This is the 2nd pair he's chewed through, lovely pairs at that.  I guess a trip to VS is going to be in order. 

My Building Blocks shawl is coming along nicely. I'm just into Section 7 of Clue 3. I do love how colours B & C look together!! 

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