Monday, September 12, 2016

KW Knitters Fair

It was a lovely day for the drive down! I even managed to dodge the threatening thunderstorms on the way back home. 
I finished the Ashling Shaw  and it blocked out 36" deep! Wow!! So if you're a fan of lovely, large shawls, this is the one. changes are noted in the Ravelry  link above. 

The Needle Emporium  booth was, as ever, packed with all the lovely things. 

In particular, Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles. With the next Westknits MKAL kicking off soon, I couldn't resist picking out colours. I couldn't pick just the four required, so at least I have time to mull it over and make the cut. 
This will be made either easier or more challenging when Julie get in the next shipment, expected at the end of the month. Yes, I'll be there, seeing if any new colour is even more enticing. 

I bought another bag from my friends at ZigZagStitches.  

And one from a new vendor, Alison Ruth  Something about the fabric called to me. 
Later in the afternoon, we were discussing the Woodstock Fleece Festival  Sarah suggested that we do matching shawls in different kits/colourways. We've all selected and the game is on!! This is what I'm knitting with: 

This frabjous fibers Cheshire Cat line is so lovely and soft. Craig heard me going in enough about it last night, but it's going to keep happening. I love this stuff!!! 

I didn't realize how much I miss my friend Helen until later in the evening. I missed so much that replay of the day, comparing purchases, what we saw, who we talked to. Texting just wasn't the same. 

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