Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer Things

This has been my summer staycation week and we've done some summer things! 

Saturday was BBQing/smoking day. Craig & I smoked 4 butt roasts. 
We ate the 1st one that day; the other 3 went into the freezer. A 2nd cooking in the slow cooker will have them even more fall apart for an even more delectable pulled-pork experience!!

True to BBQ traditions, there was a good amount of waiting and watching, and we couldn't have had a better day for it!! 

Tuesday was Beach Day and Craig chose Grand Bend as the destination. 
We even found Craig's Town. 
Again, a picture perfect day. 

I got schooled in mini golf, but we had so much fun, it was totally worth it! 

I got a yearning to see Julie, not in the least because she got in a shipment of Hedgehog Fibres ! Craig was totally on board. He's wonderful❤️ I say "Do you want to ...? or, Let's ..." and he's on his feet ready for the adventure!! 
He went off checking out some local historical buildings/pubs, while I had a nice catch-up with Julie. I came away with a skein of Twist Sock 
for myself and some Mrs Crosby Reticule 
to knit up an Ashling Shawl

And then there's that whole Pokémon GO thing. Yes, we play. It's so much fun! 
While Petey has never been a distance walker (aka lazy), this is really highlighting his lack of walking enthusiasm. 😂😂 
Chica is my Pokédog and would willingly walk and help me catch 'em all while Petey is my pokey dog, starts balking and it takes all of my encouragement and even some pulling to get him back to home. He was right tuckered out by the end of today!! 

Definitely a memorable vacation!!

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