Tuesday, July 21, 2015

End in Sight

I am maxed out on all the Rx and supplementing them with generous amount of alcohol. It's that bad this month.
Fortunately, I have surgery date. Finally!!!
August 20th I will have my hysterectomy. The end of the relentless pain and Rx is in sight.
Being crippled in pain today makes that like the oasis in the desert - a relief, but just out off reach. And because the Fates can be cruel, I could get just one more excruciating and useless menses in before the surgery!!!

Yay!!! Not.

So this put a hold pattern on my plans to transfer East. I need a drastic change of scenery and input desperately, but I also need to be not on codeine every day, and while Nfld will wait, my relative good health will not.

The puppies took very good care of me today; I was in bed from 9 last night until 3 this afternoon. Not really sleeping; mostly in a dozy state, playing solitaire, nodding off, checking the time to see if it was medicine o'clock.

There is no woman in the history of women that will be happier to be shot of her uterus than I. It has given life to the two humans whom I love the most in this life, but I have no further use for it. It is trying to kill me. I will kill it first.

I miss Lee. I miss him caring for me when I hurt the most. K was never a great carer; Lee was.

Knitting will continue. Pics of said knitting. Maybe tomorrow.

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