Monday, July 6, 2015

Still knitting

It's been a challenging few weeks, but I am finding a way, every day, to keep moving forward.
It's different from the dissolution of my marriage; it hurts in a different way, but the pain runs deep. It seems to be not about the years together, but that intangible investment that your heart has made.

My hands are fine, though I might just touch base with my family dr about my left one. The middle knuckle is still giving me gyp, snapping my fingers with that hand still makes it ache. I think that it may have actually been broken.

I have finished my Churchmouse linen st scarf!! Took a lot longer than it should have, but we got there.

It needs a blocking, not the least so that the fringe straightens out so that I can trim it.
I like it a lot. *Almost* hoping for cooler weather to put it to good use.
Julie has sent me a couple of small projects. I'm starting with this wee stuffie.

Georgitte is a cutie, no doubt about it, and will perhaps change my attitude towards stuffed animal projects. We shall see shortly.

I have been spinning. It is good therapy as I can't let my emotions intrude upon my process or it gets ugly fast. I am feeling more confident in spinning a fairly consistent light-weight single. I think that it will be closer to a sport weight than the fingering that I was hoping for, but only plying and setting will tell.
I am halfway through the super wash roving that Barb gave us at the Frolic class.

I have found quite a bit more roving that had slipped my mind that I will spin up and practice on before I give a real shot at spinning a serious length of yarn for a project.

The puppies are well.
Chica's caring style is to keep me preoccupied with throwing her ball. Lol.

She loves that thing and makes me laugh with her antics.
Petey is my sensitive carer. He will not watch me cry. He jumps up and is licking my face until I stop - if for no other reason than to halt his zealous ministrations!!

He snuggles beside me, morning and night, silently, consistently comforting.
I had Toby for two weeks while Kee was away for work. Chica & I will miss him a lot. We had some great fun at the soccer pitch. I told Lee that he had to keep forking out for the Chuckit ball.

Baseball has been terrific this year; I'm so glad that I got onto a mixed team. There's more overall playing, and it gives me that many more games and exercise. I bring the puppies sometimes; Chris & Maria are their fave minders.

I am working towards a big change. I'm due for a positive one that I choose for myself. It's geographical. Nothing definite at the mo, but I won't give up on this. I need somewhere new, where I can make positive memories unclouded by the past. Not haunted by memory triggers everywhere I turn.

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