Thursday, June 4, 2015

Linen Stitching

I can't really blame linen stitch for being slow, the 450 sts isn't making for rapid progress.
But I've been feeling well and truly wrecked the last couple of days. While my abdominal pain was ghastly over the weekend, I've been pain free and on medicated since Monday evening.
I don't know if it's some sort of virus, some off salad or my stomach just doesn't know what to do without codeine, but I've been getting by on guts and will power and sleeping.
I've also been feeling incredibly pained through my legs and feet. I'm sure that this is from mostly not feeling the creaks of age whilst on the codeine. I truly can not wait to be off of the drugs. As much as I need them, I don't know any more why anything hurts or what to do about it.
But I have managed to keep knitting a bit. I am very much enjoying the artistic colour work as the three colourways play and shift into and around each other.

And I am reminded about how much I really love fingering weight yarn. It is the perfect weight for making everything ideal!!

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