Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Good Morning

I'm closing tonight, so I enjoyed a bit of a lie-in this morning. Petey is cute; he's getting very good at differentiating between my being awake and reading or being on my phone, and my waking up. I love this guy!!!
I am sitting outside now, working at the picnic table, tempting the weather gods but enjoying the perfect temp and breeze. The puppies are 'round the side digging holes.

Yesterday was going very well, getting work done at work, (I know!!) and feeling good. Pain, but T3's had it well in hand. Then early afternoon I could feel The Migraine coming and by the time I got home I was hitting the Rx. I sorted out the puppies then laid down for a nap.
While Petey sleeps with me at night, he can't jump up on the bed himself. Chica can, so naps are her turn. She'll kiss me a bit, then play ball with herself, (bringing the ball up, nosing it off, fetching it, repeat) or gnaw on her fave chewy.
I woke up around 7:00 - totally not going to get to my Group - still feeling druggy. I think I had leftover rhubarb cake for dinner. I seriously can't remember ...  Migraines make me seek out all the carbs, it's instinctual, and I generally allow my cravings to run rampant. One of these times I am going to find a food cure beyond the salt 'n vinegar chips and Coke that Julie put me on to.
I then passed the evening knitting on my Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock linen stitch scarf, watching Sense8, and SoundHounding songs and have some new beats in my playlist. I have to say, the Netflix original series have some well thought out and matched soundtracks.

I had finished the Moss Cardigan on Sunday but puppies cannot be trusted with blocking on the floor as they chase each other with the enthusiasm of siblings!! So last night I planned to do it this morning so that it could dry on my bed by the time I got back home from work. Love a ceiling fan!!
You all know what a proponent of swatching I am. I swatch, wash the swatch and everything thereafter is based on swatch maths.
So when I Soaked the sweater, squeezed dry, rolled in the towels and started laying it out, the feeling of wrongness was surprising. It's all sorts of too long, and my row gauge is always tight, my garter is a thing of beauty, so this is unprecedented.

 I called Julie and couldn't quite think of what to say at first. She started to think that something was "really wrong". So after agreeing that this is not tragic, I'm going to let it dry and then when she receives it, she'll probably toss it in the washer. It *is* superwash - cursed processing!! - so if that fails, we're calling it a long cardi! LOL. I love Julie!!

I am quite pleased with the way the striping has turned out, especially laid flat with the back visible as well.

And speaking of my bed, I am well pleased with my silk duvet. I still miss a sheet layer sometimes, but that's because no matter how hot it is, I need a covering of some sort. So I may still add that layer back in, but for now I've been making do.

There is still time to help me reach my goal in support of the Cdn Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Thank you <3 p=""> 

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