Sunday, September 27, 2009

Watching TAR 15 with Wannietta - I

Careful Lance, pride goeth before the big, strong crash.
The Globetrotters should be excellent for entertainment!
Basketball 1
"Yoga in da 'hood". I like them!
Ouch - eliminated before you can leave the country. I think that I'd be good at something with license plates - I make up all sorts of road games with them.
SO because the 1st team grabs a green one, they all do.
Good on Justin - I hope that Zev can overcome the tendencies that Aspergers brings with it.
Hurry UpYoga people - be one with the license plates!!!

DuhThumbs DownStoopid lawyer, now he's going to think that he's all smart and shit.
Yeah - that's it, it's all your fiancées fault; she didn't read the clue.
The Poker Players
Pokerare frazzled already - I'd've figured them for nerves of steel. Not.
A Japanese game show - OMG!!! I don't think that I like the sounds of this.
I could do this - I'd rather Kerwyn did it, but I could totally eat a wasabi bomb.
After they eat a wasabi bomb, each team needs to lead 20 game show audience members to the pit stop.
Sushi scares me a bit ... if you didn't know, I'm kind of a picky eater.
Ron & Cheyne choke down their bombs first, followed by Justin & Garett in round 2.
I don't know if Maria is going to be able to do it - you can't bluff wasabi.
Thumbs Down
Maria's turn straight away again. If she doesn't even try, does she just forfeit this turn?

And she totally does it with like no time to spare!!
Meghan & Cheyne have rocked it out on the first leg of the race!
Alrighty they - Big Easy & :Lance go at the wasabi and they both have no problem.
Good on Justin & Zev!
Canaan conquers the wasabi bomb next.
Gary & Brian vs Wasabi.
Erika should make some proper curry and get Brian used to some spice.
VomitGranted curry would be totally easier, but the boy looked like he'd never had heat in his mouth.
Lance & Keri hit the pit stop.
Dan takes on the wasabi next and totally bangs it out.
Yes Erika, perhaps you should have done this one.

I think that the
Poker lie about working with homeless youth is going to come back and bite them in the ass.
Brian & Erika made up a lot of time after they left the studio!!
Gary & Mat are in next - Bravo!
Maria & Tiffany lost a couple of their team.Embarrassed
Mika & Canaan have found the pit stop but lost an audience member. Ah - found her.
Maria & Tiffany looked for their 2 people, but they decide to check in without them.
The good news is that it's a non-elimination leg. The bad news is that they have incurred a 2 hour penalty and they'll have the extra Speed Bump task in the next leg.

And to celebrate the 1st (and 2nd)leg of the race, Liz has an appropriate recipe for Negimaki!
#1 - Meghan & Cheyne
#2 - Justin & Zev
#3 - Lance & Keri
#4 - Marcy & Ron
#5 - Big Easy & Flight Time
#6 - Brian & Erika
#7 - Gary & Mat
#8 - Garrett & Jessica
#9 - Mika & Canaan
#10 - Maria & Tiffany

I've totally got to hit the sack so that I don't start the week out with a sleep debt - 4AM comes early. I'm DVR'ing the 2nd part & will blog it tomorrow after work.

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